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City in the Clouds Harper and Tyr and a great deal of alcohol, post-"Turning the Widening Gyre." NR


The Moebius Strip I was thinking about several things: How did Tyr alone survive the destruction of his Pride? Why his appearance changed several times during "Ouroboros"? And why his attitude towards humans in general and his crewmates in particular changed after that same episode? All this thinking brought me to this story. NR

Kit Mason

Illusions Life, death, and Rommie. NR.

The Recreation of the Warrior From the unpublished memoirs of Tyr Anasazi, out of Victoria by Barbarossa, of Kodiak Pride. NR.

Niala Mason

While the Cat's Away While alone on the ship Tyr and Beka give in to their temptations. Tyr discovers inter-species dating is not pointless, and Beka finds out that Tyr is interested in more than reading, complaining, and working out! (NC-17)


Gravity Takes place in season one about a week after the new crew comes on board, when Dylan's bed was small and in an alcove. I'm assuming certain safety equipment on board. NC-17.

Betrayal (sequel to Gravity) After the encounter with Orca pride... NC-17


True Romance Plots within plots. R.

A Little Give and Take In the aftermath, Harper and Tyr try to pick up the pieces. PG-13.

Shifting When everything's changing, it's hard to figure out who you're supposed to be. NC-17.

Transitional (sequel to Shifting) The crew continues to deal with their changed circumstances. NC-17

Raveling (sequel to Transitional) Life goes on, and Harper makes the best of it he can. NC-17.