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Bren Antrim

Even You A Gunn Vignette. R

Minim Calibre

Acceptable Losses Wesley and Gunn and where it all went wrong. PG-13

Nicole Clevenger

Walking Love Cliche This little thing here is a whip cream dessert of explicit sexual activity. NC-17


anyway the main thing is Love's a bitch. NR

Jessica Harris

Wesley's Liberal Guilt See title. PG-13


Birthdayverse Realities (AU) This ongoing series explores the alternate universe shown in "Birthday," episode by episode. Slash.

serena kitt

Eurydice (AU) Business unusual at Wolfram & Hart, just the way Gunn likes it. PG


See Gunn's eyes are opened after "There's No Place Like Plz Glrb." R

The Devil's Own - Secret Agent Man (with Kassie) Xander is a man with a mission. No clue, but a mission none the less. R

The Devil's Own - The Tuanari Connection (with Kassie) The boys get up to much more of not getting anywhere. R

The Devil's Own - Mission Impossible (with Kassie) Men, they have sex. NC-17

Mad Poetess

Wesley Rogue Demon (with James Walkswithwind) Wesley's past catches up with him, and everything changes. PG-13

Domestic Piranhas (with James Walkswithwind) Real life, in a world where things are a little bit sillier than normal, except when they aren't. NC-17

Pillow Hospital room. Gunn, in the doorway. Wes, in the bed. What's left? R


Your Smile is Real "For now, Fred is your concern." PG

Jane St. Clair

Chaparral Wizards are trouble. NC-17

Restaurant Dogs (singin') The sun's coming up / And I'm riding with Lady Luck / Freeway, cars and trucks / Stars beginning to fade . . . NC-17

Wired Morning. Or evening, depending on your point of view. NC-17

Raspberry Swirl Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger. NC-17

Watchtower On the subject of Wesley's swimwear. PG-13

Glass (a Restaurant Dogs moment) Insight. NC-17


Contrapuntal Gunn does the hustle and the hustle does him. NC-17

The Kindness of an Atheist In which Gunn has suspicions and then has sex. NC-17

Done Gunn does. Gunn gets done. NC-17

Something Like In which French poetry is discussed, and sex is had. NC-17


Comfortable How unobservant can two people be? NC-17

Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson Bickering. Sex. More bickering. More sex. Stupid jokes. Visions. Did I mention the bickering? NC-17

Latency When time elapses between a stimulus and the response to it, it doesn’t mean that response is any less. NC-17

Say Bibliotheque Again, Baby... (with Nestra) Wesley and Gunn go to the library to research, and by research, we mean... R

Little Deeds Wesley angsts, Gunn hammers, and fuzziness ensues. PG-13

We Came, We Sang Alcohol. Karaoke. Demons. Sex. Can you tell it's a PWP by now? NC-17

Sarah T.

And A Dollar Short Gunn learns that nice guys finish last. NR

AUP Intrateam communication is facilitated. NR

Caramel Wesley has made a decision; Gunn finds out. NR

Glamour Boys Wesley really should know better by now... NR

Champions Some people actually did redefine themselves during the "beige" arc. NR


This Way Some Wes snaps. NC-17

That Way (sequel to This Way) Gunn and Wes continue after the party. NC-17

Overdue The axe, some secrets that aren't, and smut. NC-17

Slick Like Water Gunn's day. PG-13

Priorities Gunn does some thinking. PG

L&H Gunn does some hauling. NC-17

Love Wesley's thinking about Gunn. PG-13

Rough Beast "There's a fear down here we can't forget / hasn't found a name just yet..." R

A Question of Style (with Jane St Clair) Wes does some thinking and such. NC-17

Shut up, Wes. A Canadian shack. PG-13

The Spike

Asymptotes Wes and Gunn and the things between them. PG

James Walkswithwind

Afternoon Delight Angel, Wesley, and Gunn go shopping for boots.Welcome to Domestic Piranhas fic.

Mary, Mary Wesley has to cast a spell to defeat a horde of demons. PG

Black on White Translations of evil intent and a blow-job for someone. R

For the Mind is Hollow and I Have Touched This Guy Wesley gets through the day with some help from his friends. NC-17

Octave, Sestet, Syllable Wesley reflects and acts on the recent and not so recent events. PG-13

An Object Among Dreams Set after "That Old Gang of Mine." PG

Green With Envy A bit of Season 3 frustration for Wes and Gunn, and how they deal with it. PG-15

On Pain of Failure Set after "Billy." Missing scene, post-ep. Wesley angst. PG-13

Divine Intervention Set before "Birthday." Missing scene for Alt!Wes and Alt!Gunn. PG-13

Red Peppers and Wine Set before Fred shows up. PG

The _Small Fry_ Series (co-written with the Mad Poetess)

The _Scene Shots_ Series Single scenes in the lives of Wes and Gunn