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Alicia Ann Fox

Del... A short threesome. NC-17

Vi Et Armis Dayna has Avon just where she wants him. But what does she have in mind? NC-17

Winds of Change After "Rescue," Tarrant and Dayna mourn Cally. NR

Calle Dybedahl

Scheherazade Dayna tells a story. NR

Soolin speaks The theme was 'come as you are...' NR


Springes To Catch Woodcocks, Or, Picture in a Picture You may want to finish your cup of tea before reading this... NR

Portrait Of A Pair Bond "The old, the simple plan: Let him take who has the power, Let him keep who can"--Proverb NR

Being Alive After. NR


Practise Dayna's workout. NR

Marian Mendez

Dupe Blake isn't quite dead and rescues Avon & crew. Avon isn't very grateful. NR

Neil Faulkner

Hunter It's large, it's dangerous, and it's on the Liberator! B7 - The Action Movie, as the 3rd Season crew face a ruthless Alien Predator. But what - or who - is the real monster? NR

Nicola Mody

The Stuff of Legends Servalan lays traps designed for each of the crew, which may prove irresistible. A sort of Blake's 7 fairy-tale. NR

Sheila Paulson

Jabberwocky: Clone The Jabberwocky crew goes after IMIPAK, unaware that a mysterious ship is pursuing them and that the planet could prove fatal to at least one member of the crew. NR

Jabberwocky: Lifeblood On a pilgrimage to her home planet, Dayna encounters three scientists who helped in the design of Jabberwocky. But Servalan is in hot pursuit. NR

Jabberwocky: Program When Jabberwocky and Orac develop a program that can hold a complete human personality, it leads to major conflicts within the crew and a special chance for someone important to them. NR

Part of the larger Jabberwocky series, which can be found here.


Motivation A holiday has unexpected consequences. NR


Cat and Mouse Dayna and Tarrant need to learn to respect their new crewmates, so Avon proposes a contest of skill. NR