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Adam C. Stacey

Battlestar Galactica: The Continuing Saga (series) The Continuing Saga deals with the adventures Our Heroes face immediately following the events of "The Hand of God," a second season if you will. NR

Tour On Ice Station Thola Cadet Boomer is faced with a difficult assignment on the foreboding moon of Thola while he must also deal with a conflict of a more personal nature. NR

G2: Grudgement Day

Voyager vs. Battlestar Galactica Just too funny not to link.

James Walkswithwind

Among These Unyielding Stars Adama's working late. Tigh encourages him not to. PG.


Out of the Past Starbuck's past reaches into the present to threaten his future. NC-17

And So It Shall Be Starbuck comes back from a suicide mission to discover who's been waiting for him. PG

Zac's Birthday After the Destruction, Zac's birthday comes around, and he's remembered. PG

Hidden Currents When Giles and Boomer begin an affair, Giles's long-buried past begins to emerge. R

Any Cause or Just Impediment Can one wedding breed another? With Giles and Boomer as midwives, look out! PG

Bending Twigs A companion (an elaboration/semi-prequel) to "Too Long Nights" - one defining day in the relationship of Boomer, Apollo, and Starbuck, during their first year at the academy. PG-13

Too Long Nights When Apollo realizes he loves Starbuck, is it too late to overcome their past? R

Happy Birthday Boomer Boomer has an unusual request on his birthday. PG-13

The Lieutenant's Daughter Starbuck's life is profoundly changed by a dying woman and a baby. PG-13

All Mixed Up After the Pegasus is lost, even the ones with someone aren't where they want to be... R