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Acacia Dyre

Training Batgirl is getting to know someone. R

Dannell Lites

Rubbayat (Ra'sal-Ghul) What if Ra's Al Ghul were to offer The Batman someone other than Talia? R

Devil Child

Object Lesson I caught the last 30 issues or so of Chuck Dixon's run on Green Arrow and the first 25 issues of Grant Morrison's JLA. I grew to like Connor Hawke. A lot of hintswere dropped that he wasgay -- in fact, at one San Diego con, a DC creator mentioned that he heard the characterwas designed as gay from day one, but editorial just hadn't been braveenough to drop that little bomb upon the fanboys... PG-13

Grey Bard

2 am Blackbird Cassandra Cain, the young Batgirl, finds that people don't always getwhat they deserve.PG-13

Lianne Burwell

Home is the Hunter [Cyborg]Home at last, Vic learns the truth of his old friend's feelings for him. NR

Meadow Lion

A Universal Constant There's a reason that the words "light" and "speed" go together so well. NC-17.

Alexis M.

Canary Air (Black Canary/m/f, OC, Green Arrow) Black Canary heads to Thailand to track down a missing Oliver Queen. Soon she becomes entangled in a mystery involving drugs, child prostitution and murder by python. Through a haze of jet lag and sexual experimentation, Dinah finds herself adrift in a very strange place. Her only friends: the voice of the Oracle and a pious Buddhist cop named Sonchai. NC-17

John O'Connor

Better Days (Montoya) Saving Detective Montoya brings its own rewards to Batgirl. NR

Silver and Gold (Talia al-Ghul) Silver St. Cloud is taken as a pawn in the continuing game betweenthe Batman and R'as al-Ghul,then discarded, leaving Talia to pick up the pieces. NR