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The Sum of Both "In my time we knew not of Earthmen. I am pleased to see that we havedifferences. May we togetherbecome greater than the sum of both of us." -- Surak PG

Enseignant l'Ensign A post-"Fight or Flight" study. PG

John O'Connor

Hero Worship A young girl finally meets her life-long fantasy, one of the heroesof the newly-formed Federation. NR


Discoveries Sato faces another linguistic challenge when the Enterprise surveysan unusual planet. Involvesthe entire crew, including a few new ones. PG


Pendragon On a lush planet devoid of sentient life, the crew of the Enterprisediscover an ancient alienreligious artifact that takes two of the crew on a vision quest to Camelot. PG

Holy Angels Guard Thy Rest Malcolm returns to Enterprise after a supply run and finds the shipdeserted. What has happenedto the crew? Malcolm/Hoshi. R


Cut Hoshi assigns a word to T'Pol. PG

A WayWith Words Hoshi loses her languages. PG-13

Vox Iuvenium Archer/Sato backstory. PG-13

Gaijin A darker version of the world we know. PG

Etymology Meanings, origins, and diversions. R

The Way, The Truth, The Life Hoshi and T'Pol, after the glory. PG

Ensign Reed/Sato, sans fairy tale ending. R

PersonalEffects Hoshi tidies up the loose ends. PG

Solitaire/Solidarity Self-help for the unrequited. R