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Splashing new, for you.

The SentinelThe Sentinel

See? There is too a Captain.

Shanghai NoonShanghai Noon

Jackie Chan!


A universe made of alternate universes. What more could a fan want?


I've got a secret, too, Pete Ross. You are one fine black man.


Films, SG-1, Atlantis, and beautiful scenery.

Star Trek: TOSStar Trek: The Original Series

Roddenberry helped put us on television. Now run tell that.

Star Trek: TNGStar Trek: The Next Generation

Not much to work with, but what there *is*...

Deep Space NineStar Trek: DS9

In a word: defiant. Okay, in three: "Defiant," and "Doctor Bashir."

StargateStar Trek: Voyager

Ever think Janeway didn't want to go home?

Star Trek: EnterpriseStar Trek: Enterprise

An API woman on the bridge-- now you're speaking my language.

Star Trek (Movies)Star Trek (Movies)

From Captain Sulu to young!Uhura/Spock, the big screen makes old school hotness that much hotter.

Star WarsStar Wars

Lando Calrissian to the rescue.

The West WingThe West Wing

Come on, take the swim test, Charlie.

The X-FilesThe X-Files

The truth is out there.

X-Men (film)X-Men (movies)

The X factor is black leather, Halle.