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Harry Potter


Trouble in Paradise Ron and Hermione have loved each other since their Hogwarts days. Now that they are married, mistakes and misunderstandings threaten to tear the very foundation of what they've built together apart. Can their love survive the ultimate test? 31-year old Daily Prophet reporter Angelina Johnson-Weasley narrates.

Paradise Lost [OC] Political upheaval and plagues and passion… oh my! In the year 2012, the wizarding world faces the threat of genocide amidst a time of turbulence and terrible prejudice towards Muggles and their magical progeny. The only one who might be able to erase this threat is the most famous Muggle-born witch of all, Dr. Hermione Granger… that is, if sheand her friends can figure out this most diabolical of puzzles before she is erased.


A Stranger They're both waiting. PG.

The First Taste The war is over and only the hunted remain. PG-13.

One Lonely Visitor Angelina learns to see. G.

Speechless In which Dean says nothing and Padma smiles a lot. G.

The Broken Wall, The Burning Roof and Tower (series). Angelina loses her voice. R.


Traditionally Speaking Cho Chang on life, death, intelligence, traditions, social expectations, and Harry Potter. Not your average fic. G


Fate vs. Free Will Prologue & Chapter One. NR


This is a Low Time for Dean to Decide. PG.


We Are the Night [OC] After six years at a Chinese wizarding school, Elizabeth Lee can finally transfer to Hogwarts and carry on her family's proud tradition. Her new path, however, seems tolead straight into a dark world which only her Potions Master can understand... PG-13


Transfiguration ... NC-17


Better Living Through Learning Deanfic. PG