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Aunty Alta

The Long Night Hunted by relentless killers, Scotty and a badly injured Kelly seek refuge on a farm owned by the latter's aunt and uncle, and in the midst of their struggle for survival, Kelly must fight demons from his past. NR

Prelude to the Hunt A prequel to the classic episode, "Home to Judgment"; Kelly and Scotty find themselves in the fight of their lives as they tangle with a band of ruthless and resourceful saboteurs. NR


Wheat From Chaff In "It's All Done With Mirrors," Kelly was kidnapped and brainwashed to try to make him kill Scotty (up above). It didn't work, but now Scotty has an unconscious partner on his hands with a head full of brainwashing, and his superiors are breathing down his neck. NR

Escape and Evasion A Canadian Shack. NR

Jason M.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea A long-lost fortune in gold coins and a beautiful woman marked for death by a sinister organization lead Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott into danger above and below the sea. NR