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Aunty Mib

The Coming Jake/Marco. Animorphs

Celli Lane

Sizzle A pure smut crossover. NC-17 JAG/First Monday

Devil Child

Hayloft I was very struck by this couple from the 5th season episode The End of Innocence. It just seemed odd that two guys would hang out for 900 years and be "just friends". I mean, Clay was so devastated by Wellan's death. I wrote this story and found my suspicions confirmed by the Watcher CD which makes it pretty damn clear that the two were lovers. NC-17 Highlander

Elaine Sutherland

Lao Ma's Kiss A very intelligent and well written account of Xena's incredible interlude with the intoxicating Lao Ma. NR Xena: Warrior Princess


Something About Us Isis/Missy. NR Bring It On


Best Bets Spenser investigates a case of white slavery and renews his relationship with Hawk. NC-17 Spenser For Hire

Grey Bard

Regards, Oluwa Matumbo Michael Stone, aka Mickey Bricks. slash. NR Hustle


Lonely Sea and the Sky (The Repose of Rivers Remix) Farscape

Jane St. Clair

Tides of Men The stress of the conference gets overwhelming. Lawrence goes looking for the desert in a marble hotel. NC-17 A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia

Kate Bolin

Limo Ride Lord Fanny, Jack Frost, the back of the limo. NR The Invisibles

Novelty Isis/Torrance. NC-17 Bring It On


Part of the Equation Mama's looking for something new. Chicago

Kimberley Rector

Road Noise A missing scene. R Dead Zone

Meadow Lion

Tranquilizers After the events of "Buried Alive," Frank doesn't want to see anything but Craig. R. Seven Days


Falling Arnold Joseph haunts Victor until he lets himself go. Thomas tells a story and gives good cuddles. NR Smoke Signals


Exorcism Kenneth Irons' possession of his son, Ian Nottingham. NC-17 Witchblade


... Greatly Exaggerated Because of all the characters I wasn’t willing to lose from the movies, Kastagir and Nakano were at the head of the list…. Takes Highlander 3 and turns the events inside out as an alternate universe, and changes one fact from the first movie, while taking place during the first movie! PG-13 Highlander Movies

Fools Everywhere Carter Wellan and Haresh Clay are from the fifth season episode "End of Innocence;" to my regret, they aren’t mine. Amanda, mentioned briefly, belongs to no one but herself, although Rysher: Panzer/Davis surely disagree. Caroline Hollingsworth and her as-yet- nameless Watcher are mine, as is the story. R Highlander

De Profundis Reverend Bell/Derek Worth/Carl Robinson PG Highlander

Poaching This one is pretty self-contained, but if you’re confused try starting at First Harvests or Absent Companions. R Highlander

Drugs Are For Vampires Who Can't Handle Reality Not really written as a 'Blade does Highlander' fic, but came off as one. Oops? PG Blade/Highlander


Double Exposure Bruce explores a past that Two-Face and he share. NC-17 Batman: The Animated Series


Freedom A day in the life of Parker Barnes. R Virtuosity

Color (sequel to Freedom) Change is a given. R Virtuosity

Chess, Collar, Grapes Parker, on the inside. NR Virtuosity

The Spike

Disciplinary Action Stanley has plans for the future. NC-17 Malcolm in the Middle