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The Good Fortune Series


Frozen Delights (co-written with BlairsBoff) Some idiot complained in the chat room that Simon doesn't get enough sex... NC-17

A Simple Twist of Fate (co-written with BlairsBoff) A new face in Cascade twists around Simon's life and then everything changes. NC-17

Split Second So much can happen in so little time. R


Choosing Life Simon visits Jim and Blair at their mountain retreat where they are recovering after an accident. G [Note: This is part of a larger series called _Choices_ that can be found here.]

Sammi M.

What Did They Say? Blair overhears a conversation between Simon and Jim and he wonders if he truly knows his friends. PG

The _Warren's Revenge_ Series

The Blessed Simon Series

The Matters of Family Series


Joint Venture During the course of an undercover assignment, Jim gets a clue about what's going on with his boss. NC-17

Y.S. McCool

The Raw Power Series Summary: What if 26 year old anthropologist, Blair Sandburg, had discovered a 19 year old Sentinel, Jim Ellison, who has just come into his power? PG-NC-17