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Jason Gatson

Cartman Makes A Woman The sliders land in the South Park universe where Rembrandt is arrested by Officer Barbrady for every murder in the state of California! NR

When In Rome Rembrandt unwittingly becomes entangled in a political power struggle that could determine the future of a 21st century Roman Empire. PG-13. This is an episode of Infinite Slides, a continuation of Sliders written by the show's most dedicated fans. For more stories, visit the Sliders: Infinite Slides website.

Lance Mitchell

The Slide Override Series Continues from the last episode of Season 5's "The Seer" and will chronicle what happens to the Sliders after Rembrandt slides alone to Earth Prime to save his world. NR

Laura Brigandi

Stand Where The Lord Puts You On a world of racial injustice, Rembrandt and Diana are treated like second-class citizens. Then Remmy meets an old friend - and everything changes. NR Part of the Earth 143 series, which can be found here.


To Dream of the Promised Land To Dream of the Promised Land is a Second Season novel. It contains minor spoilers for the pilot and "The King is Back," and it contains a major spoiler for my First Season novella, Gomorrah by the Bay. It's posted here in 20 parts, so you may want to pace yourself. PG-13

Michaela McPhillips

The Boundary of Friendship The Sliders' friendships are explored one night. While two of the Sliders almost lose their friendship, two begin to take their friendship a step further. NR