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Undone Harry and Greg on an away mission. They're both confused. (NC-17)

A Sporting Chance Harry and Greg get sweaty, they get hot, but the course of true love is not always smooth. (NC-17)

"Unmailed, Unwritten Logs" Harry learns something about Greg that Greg had no intention of revealing, in a manner that could get Harry into a lot of trouble. (R)


The Unexpurgated Adventures of Captain Proton

I Know Yet another Pon'farr story. Can there ever be enough? NC-17

Debra Fran Baker

Mint Tea What will Chakotay's answer be to Tuvok's question? NR

Go Not Gentle Two weddings and a funeral. NR

J.C. Sun

False Madonna Fall in love in haste; repent at leisure. PG

First Times First times. Who doesn't remember them? NC-17

Must Harry comes to his sense and turns Lanna down flat. Variation on the h/c theme. PG

Sweet and Salty Come in out of the cold. PG

Thicker Than Blood Ostensibly, the summary is "Rebellious daughters. Ancient kingdoms. Murderous twins.", but in reality, TTB is a silly past-life story that metamorphased into some surprisingly satisfying fun -- at least for the authors. As the discalimer says, "Paramount does not own this kick-ass story", and neither do good sense, historical reality, or plausibility. Site of some of the most trashy K/T stuff ever written, it's also renowned as the predictor of a certain ex-boyfriend's scumliness. Plot twists, heaving bosoms, and lots of over-the-top angst. Enjoy at your own risk; I *dare* you not to laugh. PG-13

J. Juls

Beverly's Birthday Barclay kinda sees his ultimate fantasy come true. NC-17


Masques After Kathryn Janeway gets her crew home to the Alpha Quadrant, she takes stock of the "roads not taken" during her life, especially when it comes to her relationships with Chakotay, Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres. NC-17

Out of the Ether "Course: Oblivion" was a very sad episode, yet somehow, I ended up with two different stories discussing the fate of the Demon clones. One is "The Devil's Own," which is part of "Warmth 2-- Scenes from a Mating." The other is a story of Harry Kim and Seven of Nine (times two) and is told in "Out of the Ether." PG

Pilgrimage Speaking of Bajor and Deep Space Nine, I've written a story about Tuvok's wife T'Pel, who makes a Pilgrimage there, and with the help of Captain Benjamin Sisko searches for evidence that her husband is still alive. G

Quid Pro Quo When Tuvok, far from the wife to whom he is devoted, cannot control his pon farr through meditation alone, he must ask another member of the crew to become his sexual partner or die. To those who give him back his life, Tuvok gives a gift in return. NC-17

Satisfaction By the fifth year of Voyager's journey through the Delta Quadrant, B'Elanna and Tom have been a couple for over a year. Seeing how well their interspecies love affair is working, a love-smitten Harry Kim asks them for advice on how to obtain some "Satisfaction" of his own with Seven. NC-17

James Walks With Wind

Annual Report Don't you wish your annual reports were like this? G

How Can I Live Without You? (series) Chakotay/Paris


Home Front Every universe is an alternate universe for Harry Kim, most travelled ensign in history. PG


The One Word Universe My own personal Waterloo. It was supposed to be one short story. Twelve prequels, three authors, and a ten part story later, here it is, almost complete and an absolute monster. The Pre-One Word stories (POW) were a gift to my betas, who wanted to see how this relationship developed and bribed with chocolate so I'd cave (I'm so easy, it's sad). Three wonderful authors took up the challenge to help me put together the pre-One Word stories--Kat Hughes, primary co-writer and co-founder of the POWs, Diane Bellomo, and Sandra. PG-NC-17

joan the english chick

untitled PWP. NC-17


The Fourth Reich One possible ending to the Voyager story. NR


Four Things that Could Have Happened A series of turning points from turning points in Chakotay's life in a vision quest. PG.

Macedon and Peg

The Talking Stick Circle Series A "braided novel" of 8 stories and novellas which Macedon wrote in tandem with the Peg Robinson. Grand in scale and reach, this is Voyager unfettered and red in tooth and claw, such as Paramount with its nice tidy pander-to-the-demographics mentality could only dream of producing. NR

Penny Proctor

The Leap of Faith Series: A series of stories set in an a/u Voyager. They should be read in order. How Janeway and Chakotay got together, with some adventure on the side. NR

Soul Song In the 6th year of the journey, Chakotay experiences a crisis of faith, when the ship faces a crisis of a different kind. NR

Late in the Day, Without Grace Kate Mulgrew said it's "too late in the day" for Janeway and Chakotay to get together and "complete it with grace." Perhaps. Perhaps grace is overrated. NR

Settling In Chakotay's first night as Voyagers second in command. NR

What Goes Around, Comes Around Inspired by incorrect spoilers for "Natural Law." C/7 didn't happen, but what if it had? What if two people make a mistake? NR


Ties That Bind Janeway and Tuvok on an away mission gone awry. PG-13

Harry Kim and the Goblet of Coffee What if J.K. Rowling wrote for Voyager? G

Glory Days Universe:

A series of stories which take a look at our favorite characters in the post-Voyager era, approximately 4-5 years after Voyager's return. Written together with Seema, and arranged in chronological order.

Do The Walls Come Down by Seema Janeway meets Tom Paris for a cup of coffee PG-13

Fire and Rain by Rocky B'Elanna Torres pays a visit to Tuvok PG-13

Latitude by Seema Tom Paris runs into Chakotay at Utopia Planetia PG-13

Glory Days by Rocky Harry Kim and Tom Paris have a chance meeting at a Starbase PG-13

Life In The Fast Lane by Rocky Seven has an appointment with the Doctor PG-13

Hero by Rocky Janeway and Harry Kim cross paths on a diplomatic mission PG-13

The Sweetest Days by Seema A conversation in the Paris-Torres household PG-13

Act Of War by Seema Harry and B'Elanna battle to save their ship PG-13

Empty Sky by Rocky and Seema Tom and the Doctor come to terms with recent events in the Neutral Zone PG-13

Stand By Me by Rocky Tuvok travels from Vulcan to Earth PG-13

Rocketman by Seema Tom writes a letter to an old friend PG-13

A Thousand Miles by Rocky Chakotay returns to Earth after a 6 month absence PG-13

The Heart of the Matter by Seema Chakotay and Seven are reunited PG-13

So Many Things by Rocky Seven pays a long over-due visit to a friend PG-13

Anne Rose

Another Muse [J/C, P/T, K/7]Kelis finds another muse to inspire his plays. PG-13.

To Err is Human [K/7]Harry and Seven discuss the events of Human Error. PG-13.

A Captain's Regrets [J/C]What would happen if Janeway continues in the same habits and patterns all the way back to the Alpha Quadrant? PG-13.

Rainforest [J/C]

Kathryn and Chakotay have a little shuttle mishap on the way to their shore leave. Yes, I stranded them together on a planet, and I make no apologies! PG-13.


Stranded Tuvok and Tom are stranded together on a desert planet. And it's that time of the decade for Tuvok. R

Tara O'Shea

The Steep And Thorny Way Noah Lessing remarks upon his first few weeks aboard *Voyager*. PG

The Spike

Scream Another side effect of the clamp and Harry struggles... NC-17


Too dear for my possessing Tom Paris and Harry Kim are having a delirious affair, but Harry is sure that it's just a fling for Tom, while Tom doesn't think Harry really cares for him. Misunderstanding leads to breakup... and two broken hearts. How can they ever regain what they had? NC-17

The perfect ceremony (sequel to Too dear...) While on an away mission, Tom Paris defiles an alien temple and must make amends through a ritual. But what he is asked to do brings back memories he never wanted to remember -- the same memories that are threatening his relationship with Harry. NC-17

Sweet seasoned showers (sequel to The perfect ceremony) Tom and Harry get wet. NC-17

The Playboy of the Delta Quadrant Series

Legends of the Fall Series: Back on Voyager after the events of The chute, both Tom and Harry feel that something has changed; having a behavior-altering implant in your head for too long may not be entirely healthy. R