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Lashunda C. Johnson

The Abba Chronicles An OC-focused series starting on the Enterprise-E.

J. Juls

Bartending Bartending can be a tedious job at times... R

Deanna's Dream Date Troi subconsciously spies on a private meeting between two of the ship's female denizens. Set in a slightly-different universe. NC-17

It Is Dove [Geordi] Pop culture pain... NR

Senior Staff Meeting [Geordi] Geordi, Data, and fluff. NR


Listening InWhile on an away mission, Geordi suddenly starts hearing voices.

Kellie Matthews and Julia Blackshear Kosatka

In The Dark PG version or NC-17 version available. This is a two-part story connected by a couple of common threads. In the first part, Mulder and Scully investigate a serial killer who uses a sword, and get some unexpected answers. Duncan MacLeod has to avenge the deaths of friends, and meets a woman who is more than she seems. In the second part, Duncan meets the crew of the Enterprise, and resolves the mystery begun in the first half, and finds that old friends can be *very* convenient.

Into the Light (sequel to In the Dark) Methos, Duncan, and Guinan discover a long-lost Immortal secret. NC-17

Daybreak This story is a sequel to our X-Files/Highlander/Star Trek: Next Generation stories "In the Dark" and "Into the Light" Though time-wise it actually fits into "Into the Light" before the epilogue, we felt that it works better as a separate story so we are presenting it as such. NC-17

Alara Rogers

Dance of Chameleon and Mirror Some of Guinan and Q's "dealings" from their past with each other. PG

The Grave Guinan, Picard, and Spock at Kirk's grave. Awww. PG

Give Away the Stone Guinan has disturbing dreams. PG


You can leave your hat on Guinan and a female crewmember have some fun in Ten Forward. PG-13