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Hurricane Eye During the chaos that is Scott and Jean's wedding, Ororo and Xavier take a moment to talk. (G)

Dirty Diana

When it's Raining Ten vignettes, lovely ones, of Ororo/Jean. (R)


Once Upon a Time Time to stop talking around the elephant in the room. Logan and Ororo have a long overdue discussion. G


The Scent of Rain What do you think? NC-17


Noah and the Storm Crossover between the X-Men movie and the Young Riders. Magneto wrecks a supermarket, kidnaps Hank McCoy, and then disappears mysteriously. William F. Cody sees a blue beast in the forest-- but nobody believes him!


Heyoka: The Advent of Grace [OC] A new arrival at Xavier's sets Scott Summer’s well-ordered life all a-bother. And I don’t mean the return of Logan. The school gets a secretary, Rogue a big sister, Jean Grey what she wants for Christmas, and Cyclops gets a grace note in his days. With a little fry bread on the side. Some pathos. NR

Children of the Middle Waters (sequel to Heyoka) Scott and Jean must come to terms with being “just friends” and a childon the way. Meanwhile Grace has returned to the west as Xavier’s voice to minority mutant children, Scott's ex-college roommate comes to visit and gives the kids a new view of 'Slim' - and Beast is back! Does Logan now have competition? Some pathos.NR


Invisible Woman Storm *finally* acquires a boyfriend and hell is still hot. But why hasn't she told anyone about him? R


The Loss of Composure Series Scott and Ororo develop a relationship. NC-17 overall

Ghost of Christmas Past (A New Name, part 1) With Christmas memories flooding him, Scott realises he needs to work through this spectre of Jean that still haunts him. And maybe this will be possible, with Ororo's help. PG

Truth or Dare(A New Name, part 2) Scott has a new interest, and a drunken midnight game of truth or dare might be just what he needs to help him get it into the open. R

Moonlight and Memories (Secret Garden, part 1) A rambling sort of sequel to "A New Name" from Ororo's POV. It's the morning after the night before, and Ororo and Scott have to figure out where they go from a careful kiss in the moonlight and a haze of alcohol. R

Imaginings and Intimacy (Secret Garden, part 2) What comes next. Whaddya think's gonna happen? Get yer minds back inthe gutter. NC-17

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Jean POV. That which does not kill us only makes us stronger. R

No More Secrets Ororo wonders if it's over before it's really begun. Scott proves itisn't. NC-17

Nine Lives Love, loss, memories and moonlight to round out the series. During a mission, Scott's world comes crashing down. PG-13